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Updated: May 26, 2020

“Artificial Intelligence is feared by a lot of us. The capability of the machine to think on its own is frightening. Be that as may, the AI (artificially intelligent) proves to be the superpower humans needed to find the solution to the coronavirus pandemic.”

picture: coe.int

Artificial Intelligence is a topic of controversy. It has been feared and admired at the same time. But it proves to be a superweapon human needed since the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic.

Exscientia Oxford-based firm is the first one to put an AI-designed drug to human trial, is also searching through 15,000 drugs owned by the Scripps research institute, in California.

Healx, a Cambridge company set up by Dr. David Brown, has repurposed its AI framework. "The algorithms ran over and will have an output for the three procedures in next week." Dr. Brown stated, it was extremely improbable one single drug would be an appropriate response. What’s more, for Healx, that implies point to point investigation of the eight million possible pairs and 10.5 billion triple-drug combinations stemming from the 4,000 approved drugs available.

The three weeks work would typically take half a year. The time has never been more significant for drug-discovery data to open up its riddles for AI to help in the combat against Covid-19.

Facebook is now engaged with researchers at Harvard University's School of Public Health and the National Tsing Hua University, in Taiwan, sharing anonymized information about people's activities and high-resolution population density maps, which assist them to predict the spread of the virus. Google-owned AI company DeepMind, meanwhile, has used its AlphaFold framework to release structure expectations of numerous proteins linked with the virus but it has been not yet experimentally verified.

Will AI turn against humans and try to concur the planet? We don’t know for sure but for now it really is the tool helping us to develop a solution for the current coronavirus pandemic.

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