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Samsung announced that ‘’Big change is coming, and it starts with one dot.’’ at the beginning of April 2020. Then, the company introduced us to their innovation covering many topics such as technology, design, sustainability, street animals, and recycling.

While the development of technology makes human life easier, on the other hand, it causes the industry and the consumption to accelerate. The increasing speed of consumption brings with it many problems that we know such as disruption of the ecological balance, global warming, environmental pollution, extinct creatures, fires, and various disasters.

So are we doing our best about sustainability? Samsung raised this question with Eco- Packaging.

Many packages that are included in our daily life are produced from materials that cannot be mixed with nature. Packages used for a short time become rubbish immediately. This is also the case for TV boxes. As TVs grow, waste grows.

At this point, Samsung comes up with the idea of designing their television models (The Frame, The Serif ve The Sero) to transform them into other furniture to avoid waste.

The boxes are made of a corrugated cardboard material that can be recycled to the user and come with the cutting and joining points marked on them. You can access the videos explaining how to make designs by reading the QR codes in the TV booklet. Thus, the user who takes the TV out of the box can obtain products that serve different functions such as cat house, mini shelf system, magazine rack, storage box, etc. with simple cutting and folding operations.

The transformed cat houses have attracted a lot of attention especially as they create a

sheltered space for street animals.

Samsung’s New Smart TVs Win CES Best Innovation Award for Accessibility With This Innovation!

Samsung has won a total of 46 awards within the 2020 CES Innovation Awards, organized annually by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), and awarded for outsanding design and engineering in consumer technology products.

After that Samsung stamped the CES and the digital world, the company made a big impression in the design community with the competition that organized with Dezeen what is the world’s most important architectural and design magazine.

Out Of The Box!

Dezeen and Samsung inspired by the idea of eco-packaging, which reminds us that design is remarkable when it is accessible, transformable, and environmentally friendly. In May, they organized an international design competition called ‘Out Of The Box’. The expectation was simple; design an object with cardboard.

Eco-Packaging innovation reminded everyone in many ways that recycling is applicable to everyone and in all areas. Change your consumption habits!

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