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Google and Apple to Release New Corona Virus Tracking System for IOS and Android

Updated: May 26, 2020

Apple and Google are working on a way to help public health officials trace possible COVID-19 coronavirus contacts between users, with strong protections and controls for user privacy.

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Apple and Google have announced they are developing a new system to track the spread of the novel coronavirus, which will help users share data via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transmissions, and other apps approved by health organizations, according to a Google blog post.

Apple and Google to build new coronavirus tracing apps.

The new tracking system — which is explained in a series of blog posts — will use short-range communications via Bluetooth to establish voluntary networks that trace recent contacts and archive extensive data on phones that have been in close proximity to one another reports The Verge. Apps put out by public health authorities will also have full access to the data, and users who download the apps may report if they have been diagnosed with the COVID-19 illness. The new tracking system will also alert those who downloaded them to check if they've been in close contact with an infected person.

Google and Apple will introduce the pair of APIs for Android and iOS in mid-May, in hopes of giving health authorities' apps time to prepare to implement them. In the following months, both companies will work on building new tracing functionality into the underlying operating system, and will then allow users to decide whether they wish to share their health information among a wider range of apps.

UPDATE April 10, 1:00 PM EDT: Privacy concerns amid coronavirus tracing

One of the most promising solutions for containing the COVID-19 outbreak is contact tracing. But there's a catch: this kind of monitoring is often seen as invasive and thus raises serious worries about privacy.

Other tracking methods — like GPS — track people's physical location, but this new tracking method won't. According to The Verge, it'll receive signals of nearby phones at five-minute intervals, and store the connections between them in a big database. If a user tests positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus, they can tell the app that they've contracted the illness, and it will notify all other users whose phones have passed within close proximity in the last several days.

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