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Updated: May 26, 2020

Will life ever return back to normality again? Every outbreak or setback comes with a shift backward or forward depending on how much new creative ideas you are able to imbibe during the period of crisis and how prepared you are to face the aftermath of the outbreak. Yes, life would return back to normality but expect changes!

People have lost their jobs; businesses have closed down, economies have crashed down, even some rich people have been humbled by the plague and are now living like people of the middle or lower class. Returning back to normality will be through a Divine intervention and harnessing the power of innovation will be key to attaining extraordinary levels of financial freedom.

The most successful people in the world are not the most brilliant or the most educated but the most INNOVATIVE; without innovation, knowledge is a waste. Innovation is the application of knowledge to produce new products that were never in existence before. So, the term, innovation can be viewed as “Applied Knowledge.” It takes innovation to unlock the deepest mysteries of the most trending and the most in-demand technology for businesses.

Why is it so important to imbibe new Creative ideas during this COVID-19 panic?

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, so many people have lost touch with reality and creative thinking. This has raised many eyebrows and questions have been asked: Will this lockdown become the new normal? Will people return back to their jobs? Will businesses ever re-open or even flourish again? Will students ever go back to their classrooms again? And so many other questions have been asked. The truth of the matter is, a vital part of most nation’s economy depends largely on manpower and human-to-human interaction, So, as people are on lockdown, economies are also on lockdown. It would take someone who thinks outside the box to flourish both during this lockdown and after it. It is so important to think right when everybody else is thinking wrong as this would give you an edge over others and enable you to have the right focus on how to innovatively create something out of nothing; the difference between you and others is what you know, and until what you know becomes what you do, you know nothing. Innovation is the conscious and creative application of what you know and what you’ve thought about. Knowledge becomes a waste when you don’t apply it.

So, it is both a process and an outcome. So many great readers and thinkers never saw what they read or what they know manifest in their lives; they didn't reach their full potentials because they refused to embrace and act the power of innovation, hence they remained at the reading, thinking and talking level.

Impact of innovation on the society for post COVID-19 survival.

Innovation is a cure for unemployment. Innovation, often characterized as the ‘lifeblood of modern societies’, is seen as fundamental for economic and social progress for a plagued society. To be innovative is to be productive; you can’t be innovative and continue to languish in unproductivity and poverty. Innovation makes things better and it is very effective and achievable when the strategies of innovative development are adopted, from defining what your vision is, to ideating it by brainstorming, then you highlight your solutions, implement a prototype, apply it through testing to explore different paths, which finally leads to creative growth.

Nothing diminishes your worth like running out of ideas; to be less creative is to be worthless in life. Everything for your life will come out of you, out of your heart. You have to be careful about what goes into your heart because what goes into your heart will determine what comes out of you. Filter your thoughts per time; the quality of your ideas is proportional to the quality of your thoughts.

What happens around you is not as important as what happens in you because you may not have control over what happens around you but you have control over what happens in you. Always be positive! Embrace the power of innovation as we confront COVID-19 and hope to return back to normality soon.

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