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Internet of things will become an integral part of our economy and lifestyle with 5G technology?

5G is the foundation for realizing the full potential of IoT.

From the latest report of Ericsson ( Swedish Telecom Company), it suggests that there will be 550 million 5G subscriptions in 2022 and the Asia Pacific will be the second-fastest-growing region with 10% of all subscriptions being 5G in 2022.

Speed and Beyond

The fifth-generation mobile network(5G), will be fast enough to download a full-length HD movie in seconds.

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But 5G is much more than just speed; it will support smart vehicles and transport infrastructures such as connected cars, trucks, and buses.

5G promises to make remote medical care a reality—and to be a change agent for the future of the industry.

The main Activities are to aid Imaginalis in advancing remote diagnosis by improving mobile uplink connectivity and data compression to transfer images and perform remote analysis. With 5G wireless connection, the entire workflow could become easy and intuitive, making it possible to perform a pre-planned surgery by an expert surgeon in Cambridge or Boston, when the system and patient are located elsewhere.

5G and Internet of Things

Operators have excelled in connecting phones, tablets, and other devices, but when it comes to managing growing numbers of cars, machinery sensors, and consumer electronics profitably will require innovative business models. The Operators that are capable of creating an added value and managing an ecosystem of service partners while refining data from their IoT platforms, will be able to create incremental revenue based on the value of the data rather than just the volume.

IoT presents both operators and industries with a fertile ground for innovations and new ways of engaging their end customers. Ericsson is already working with more than 27 leading mobile operators worldwide on 5G networking and use cases, including 5G field trials.

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