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Updated: May 26, 2020

At the University of Tokyo, they developed a 5.4 kg portable electric bike that can be inflated with a pump in a minute and just as quickly deflated, folded, and put into a backpack.

Image: University of Tokyo

An electrical bike that you can carry it with you on public transport.

Named the bike Poimo - short for Portable and Inflatable Mobility. It was developed by a team from the University of Tokyo, which was looking for effective ways to travel short and medium distances.

The developers focused on creating a folding, lightweight electric bike that people could carry with them on public transport and use for the so-called one-mile journey (about 1.6 km). Such an electric bike can be useful for traveling to places without public transport, moving between areas of the city, short trips out of town, or for courier delivery in a certain range.

Poimo has so far been created as a prototype of an electronic bike. It is based on an inflatable rectangular frame made of thermoplastic polyurethane fabric (TPU), the Spectrum portal writes.

How does Poimo work?

The electric bike is equipped with a small electric pump, which can completely inflate the frame in about a minute. The power of pressure is half that which is needed to pump up a soccer ball.

Two pairs of small rubber wheels are attached to the bottom of the inflatable frame along with a small electric motor and a wireless controller that is attached to the handlebars of the bike.

The device’s total weight is about 12 pounds (5.4 kg), but the team said it’s working to make the bike even lighter. The electric bike can also be blown away quickly and in a minute, folded to the state of a book, and hidden in a backpack.

youTube: ERATO Kawahara UIN Project

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