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Rwanda has intensified its fight against Coronavirus by deploying five robots whose main tasks will involve: screening the patients, capturing their data, and delivering food and medication among other tasks.

Photo by Rwanda Biomedical Centre

The five robots namely; Akazuba, Urumuri, Ngabo, Ikirezi, and Mwiza will be also used in administering temperature checks and keeping medical records of Covid-19 patients.

This was confirmed by the Rwandan Health Minister Daniel Ngamije who has said the health ministry plans to employ robots in coronavirus treatment centers and other public places. He also admitted in series of tweets posted by the Ministry of Health that the robots are able to screen 50 to 150 people per minute, which would be a massive boost for the safety of health workers in Rwanda by minimizing infection risks and ensuring faster treatment of the novel virus.

"Medics and other frontline workers visit patients' room many times to deliver medication, meals, carry out tests, among other things - which may increase their risk of contracting the virus," Mr. Daniel told local media houses. So, these five imported robots would serve as an interface between the doctor and the patient thereby avoiding direct human-to-human contact.

The robots are a result of joint efforts by the Rwandan government through the Ministry of ICT and Innovation and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

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Apart from being deployed in the treatment centers, these robots could also be used to measure temperatures in other public places such as bus stops and entrances of shopping arcades.

Let’s wait and see how things pan out in the coming weeks. But it looks like the so-called ‘’new normal’’ is becoming abnormal, bizarre, and fictitious.

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