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These days when we face a global problem, coronavirus, everybody makes a lot of effort to avoid ‘touching’. So we are through a period in which the role of ‘hands’ changes in the perception of humanity.

How will we remember these days?

An organization started to work on transferring this situation to future generations based on the idea that using our hands become sanitized and fearing thing.

Hjaltelin Stahl, an agency in Denmark affiliated Accenture Interactive on the Fortune Global 500 list, Red Cross, a worldwide charity since 1863, COOP, a commercial firm based on Sweden, and National Danish Art Museum collaborated for this mixed purposed project.

It called ‘’Touched’’ or ‘’Berørt’’ which means the same in Danish.

Artificial intelligence turns the emotions of people who has worry for same situation into a digital monument!

People place their hands on the template on the site and share a selfie they took and the message they want to give. A virtual hand is building with these photos by using artificial intelligence. If you want, you can see people who have common concerns and read their messages by walking an animated hand.

Normally the construction of this hand takes 1 year by 3d works, it takes 1 millisecond with the special patented artificial intelligence used.

You contribute to both an aid campaign and an affirmation and become a part of an artwork!

For each photo, COOP donates 5 krons to Red Cross to be used for those most affected by the corona crisis.

This project shows that you can be a part of production without being physically together. At the same time, it provides a basis for preventing mental and psychological injuries caused by the coronavirus.

All the photos collected are accumulating to will be exhibited in National Gallery of Denmark as a result of the creative works of Danish artists.

So, we are ‘touching’ similar, in different ways…

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