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Updated: May 26, 2020

Timeless Bugatti, literally: $280,000 watch gets a functioning W16 engine inside.

Image: hypebeast.com

Bugatti is a well-known brand the world over for its audaciously expensive yet amazingly powerful supercars that tend to turn heads and often raise eyebrows as well. And while the supercars often end up as objects of envy, it is a watch made as an order to the carmaker which has garnered a whole lot of attention.

Image: hypebeast. com

While Bugatti supercars start at around $1.1 million, the Bugatti watch is a whole lot more 'affordable' at $280,000. Named Bugatti Chiron 16 Cylinder Tourbillon after the Chiron supercar from the French manufacturer, the watch has been made by Jacob and Co and features as many as 578 pieces inside. This includes a sapphire stone that is balanced by four replicas of car shock absorbers. According to Motor1, the watch has a battery life of 60 hours indicated by a 'full reserve' sign. Pushing the right top crown of the watch turns the crankshaft and the 16 piston pumps come to life, just as they do in an internal combustion engine. The company states that the two 'turbochargers' on the sidespin to add to the visual appeal.

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