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Updated: May 26, 2020

While people were confined during the COVID-19 pandemic period, technology seemed to be meaningful to our lives more than ever.

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Technologies played a crucial role in keeping our lives more functional. These are some of the technology trends that shaped our lives during the last three months.

Remote Work

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Remote working was a big challenge for companies that were not supporting the "working from home" Culture. Yet, it was inevitable to follow the steps of their rivals to keep their places in the market. The remote work was ensured through the virtual private networks (VPNs), cloud technology, work collaboration tools, and even facial recognition technologies to provide a preview for the person how will he appears before a virtual background to ensure his privacy.

Distance Learning

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Educational institutions announced their closures in almost 191 countries. To keep things going, these institutions turned to distance learning and started offering online courses. Virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence served a great deal for this mission. Many educational platforms made all of their courses free with certificates.

Online Entertainment

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Because people were living in uncertainty more than ever, Entertainment was crucial to keep the mental health stable. technologies offered a full tour in many famous museums around the globe. Music concerts were also held online.

3D Printing

Powerful Technologies are the ones that can save millions of lives. 3D printing Technology was the life savior of many infected people. It was useful to face the shocks in the supply of personal protective equipment. the technology presents flexibility in production and provides efficient results. Ventilators were the main products to be produced.

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Nothing Comes Without a Price

In light of these technologies, the globe was living a massive digital shift and it seems that humanity will be fully devoted to work on protecting the globe to ensure its survival. Despite the positive changes through digitalization, Countries still need to be devoted to mitigating the health and economic implications of the pandemic.

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